Toyota and Daihatsu will produce budget cars

The purpose of the new company – to develop and launch the production of compact cars at Daihatsu facilities, thereby ensuring the presence of Toyota Motor Company in the emerging markets with a quality product at an affordable price. The new company will include in itself all the best of both brands and the plans will be established in January 2017.

Toyota and Daihatsu co-thought-out business plan and a range of models and will be mutually beneficial and effective use of the possibilities of each of the parties. At Daihatsu cars assigned role Developer, procurement of components and preparation for the production of new models.

The basis of the new brand of cars will fall DNGA platform (Daihatsu New Global Architecture).

Toyota is engaged in full support of each stage, providing its expertise and other resources.

In the photo: Daihatsu Move Canbus

"Creation of a new company – a great way for Toyota to study the fundamentals of competitiveness Daihatsu and change the way we work", – said Shigeki Tirashi, executive vice president of Toyota. "We will continue to promote our know-how used in the creation of compact cars – said the president of Daihatsu Masanori Mitsui. – We will be the driving force for the Toyota Group and will strengthen the position of our brands in emerging markets. "

Note that Toyota and Daihatsu have a so-called twin cars, including models Passo and Boon, Daihatsu Altis is none other than the Toyota Aurion Pressara, familiar to Russians under the name Camry (model last body). It is possible that the model for the emerging markets will be set up on the patterns of the concepts presented in Indonesia.

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