Top-7 most expensive abandoned cars

Frankly, it’s always painful to see an abandoned car. In the end, the car – this is somehow the result of the work of designers and designers who put their soul into it. But when you see how you sometimes treat very expensive cars, it’s just that your heart bleeds and takes anger: can this be so?

And, however, not always the owners are to blame for the fact that their luxury cars were in a garbage dump in the literal sense of the word. Sometimes they were really motivated by circumstances. Whatever it was, we decided to recall a few high-profile cases, when very expensive cars for various reasons were abandoned for years to come.

Jaguar XJ220

The Jaguar XJ220 is not a cheap car by itself. Especially if it’s a car with a mileage of about 1000 km, like this car of blue Le Mans Blue, which was found … in the desert of Qatar! A few years ago, photos of the abandoned car flew over the Internet. In total, 281 copies of this model were produced in the world. How this car was in Qatar, and also for what reason it was thrown in the desert, it is not known, although a few years before the appearance of photographs the exact same Jaguar XJ220 was seen in Beirut. By the way, the price of such a car is now at least 180 000 dollars.

Rolls-Royce Centurion

In 2010, a real shock among car fans around the world caused a photo of a Rolls-Royce Centurion thrown at the request of a wealthy man from Las Vegas. The price of the car, which is a modified Rolls-Royce Phantom, at that time was almost 350 000 dollars. And she stood, where would you think? That’s right, in Russian snow near the railway tracks. It is said that this picture, scattered over the network, was made on the outskirts of St. Petersburg. And in the future even wrote that the car was restored, and seen on the roads of the Northern Capital. As far as it is true to verify, of course, it is impossible.

Maybach 57

But in 2012, a lot of noise made a video with the abandoned “Maybach”. A car worth about 400 000 euros was gathering dust in one of the multi-level parking lots in French Cannes. Who and why left the car, equipped with a 550-horsepower engine, on a parking lot in France, remains a mystery until now. Although the most common version was that the owner of a luxury sedan just put in jail.

Aston Martin DB4

In 1970, a resident of Massachusetts bought in his use Aston Martin DB4 – a real sports car from the 60’s. The American parked the car on his site and … just dropped it! It may seem incredible, but the car stood without traffic for 45 years and has survived until our days until enthusiasts discovered it. Now the car is estimated at about 400 000 dollars, although it is rusty, dusty and not at all on the go. Do you want to know about her fate? Then read our material.

Ferrari F40

Uday Hussein was the eldest son of Saddam Hussein and at the time of the first war in the Persian Gulf he bought himself a Ferrari F40. This car remained in the possession of Uday before his death in 2003. After the death of the son of an Iraqi dictator, a machine worth about 440,000 dollars stood for a long time just in the dusty courtyard of a small village. What happened to the supercar in the future, no one knows.

Lamborghini Miura

In the distant 1969, the ship magnate and husband of Jacqueline Kennedy’s widow, Aristotle Onassis, purchased Lamborghini Miura S for the “Greek Elvis” Stamatis Kokotas. The latter was among other things a good rally driver, and managed to “roll” a few tens of thousands of miles before the Miura’s V12 engine ordered to live a long time. The engine was sent for overhaul to Lamborghini, and the car was parked at the underground parking of the Hilton Hotel in Athens. Then Onassis had a conflict with Lamborghini, and he refused to pay them. And Kokotas lost interest in the rally. So the car stood for 30 years in the parking lot. As a result, in 2012 the car was still auctioned and successfully sold for 483 210 dollars.

Ferrari Enzo

In Dubai, it is very dangerous to live in debt. If to speak very briefly, in case you were found to owe the amount more than you can immediately pay, then very soon you can be behind bars. And since very much in this emirate needs to be paid forward, it is possible to accumulate debts even high-paid specialists. Therefore, the situation when expats flee from Dubai, throwing everything they have is not uncommon. Just do not want to sit in jail.

One of the most famous cases occurred with a British citizen who owed an astronomical sum and fled the country, leaving his … Ferrari Enzo worth more than 1.1 million dollars. Later, information appeared that the car would be auctioned, but Dubai authorities surprised everyone by saying that an expensive supercar was generally in hijacking. By the way, in 2016 it became known about the fate of this machine. You will not believe it, but it still stands on the local parking lot.