The timing of the launch of new Audi Q4 and Q8 crossovers

The first will be a cross-coupe Q8 – production will be launched as early as 2018. Following him, a year later, the release of a compact Q4 will begin. Such a statement was made by the press service of Audi.

It became known when the new Audi A8 will appear in Russia

About Q8 it is known that it will be compared in size with the model Q7, but will receive a coupe-like body and a smaller ground clearance. Its assembly will be arranged at the facilities of the Slovak company Audi in Bratislava. The company previously said that the cross-coupe will combine a “roomy interior and emotional design”, as well as receive “the newest auxiliary systems.” It is assumed that this model will become one of the most expensive in the Audi range.

As for Q4, it is designed to compete with the BMW X4. The crossover, which is expected to be built in the style of the concept TT Offroad, will be based on the MQB platform and will receive gasoline and diesel engines in volume of 1.5 and 2 liters. Also expected to appear on the market is a “charged” version of the RS Q4 with a 400-horsepower five-cylinder 2.5-liter engine.