The sportiest Honda Civic Type R made its debut in Paris

Some boxers before a fight trying to break the morale of the enemy – don scary costumes shouting inhuman voice and minimizes the distance between the opponent when the referee has already explained all the familiar rules. Honda goes well: the new Civic Type R looks menacingly approached the competition is very close – this is the first Civic Type R, which will be released in the US market, however, as "growls" car is still unknown.

The prototype of the new Honda Civic Type R has received a special covering of a body – enamel with the effect of fine-grained aluminum chips, which, we must admit, damn suits muscled "body" news.

The front splitter, underlined red "thread", is made of carbon fiber. Along the edges of the sections under the fog lamps have additional vertical air inlets. The hood also has got an air inlet, lamps and repeaters received layer tinting.

Seen in profile it is easy to notice that the red stripe runs and carbon fiber prototype thresholds and borders the rim 20-inch wheels.

Honda Civic Type R Prototype is equipped with a large rear wing, carbon fiber diffuser, air duct openings near the wings and the exhaust system of the three pipes (in ordinary Hatch are two of them).

The production version of the prototype Honda Civic Type R will be released in 2017 and will be produced at the company's factory in the UK. On the impact of the motor of the future trends are not reported.

Current version of the Civic Type R is equipped with a turbocharged two-liter VTEC power of 310 hp and a six-INC. Up to 100 km / h with the power unit hot hatch accelerates in 5.7 seconds.

Recall that today in Paris is the European version of Honda Civic hatchback tenth generation. The Russian model is not officially for sale.

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