The second birth of twins from the American garage

Enthusiasts discovered in the state of Oklahoma two absolutely identical oldtimer, which for decades stood idle

About an unexpected find on the portal GM-Efi told a resident of the United States William Ewyl. According to him, in one of the groups in social networks he was told about two almost new Buick Grand National 1987 release, which for many years have been dusting in the garage. Evaila and his friends decided to check this information.

For those who do not know, let’s explain. Buick Grand National – this is one of the versions of the model Regal, which was released from 1982 to 1987. The car was driven by a 3.8-liter turbo engine with a power of 245 hp, combined with a four-speed automatic transmission. From the place to 60 miles per hour the car was dispersed in about 6 seconds, and therefore the Buick Grand National enjoyed great love from fans of drag racing.

William Evaila, his friend Shawn Matthews and their friends decided to find out whether two cars of this model are really standing in one of the garages in Oklahoma for many years. They contacted the owner, who on the phone offered to buy cars for $ 200,000. And although the price seemed to the Americans overstated, they decided to negotiate with the owner of the Buick Grand National about the inspection.

As a result, during the personal meeting all information about the cars was confirmed. It was about two Buicks, with a minimum mileage of 592 miles (952 km) and 807 miles (1298 km). Cars were released at the same time in 1987 with a difference of several minutes. This is indicated in particular by plates with VIN-numbers of machines, which differ only by one figure. Thus, the cars were simultaneously delivered to the dealer, simultaneously sold and almost simultaneously delivered to the joke. However, who and why did it, is not reported.

The only difference between the two dusty “Buicks” was in some nuances of the state. For example, the first Grand National stayed closed all this time. In the end, according to Evail and Matthews, the cabin retained a steady smell of the new car. The interior of the second car was somewhat dirty than the first. Apparently, the car was sometimes opened. Also in the backseat, the Americans found a spot reminiscent of the traces of the life of a cat. In the rest, the state of both Buick Grand National was just perfect.

Two weeks after the inspection, the Americans purchased both Buick Grand National in the property. It is not reported how much they bought. Now, Evail and Matthews are planning to bring the cars in the right condition and show them at local exhibitions. At the same time, the Americans promised that they would always call the “Buicks” twins and would not allow their separation.