The new version of the Rules of the Road

On April 4, 2017, amendments to the SDA, introduced by a government decree, began to operate.

What changes are waiting for motorists from April 1

According to the document signed by Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, novice motorists are prohibited from hauling other vehicles, transporting passengers on motor vehicles, transporting large-size, heavyweight, and dangerous goods by car. In the event that the car operated by a novice driver does not have an obligatory identification sticker in the form of an exclamation mark, the driver can be brought to administrative responsibility, and the vehicle – to prohibit to operate. Penalty for this violation is 500 rubles.

Also, the identification marks should be on cars with studded tires, as well as on slow-moving vehicles, which do not accelerate more than 30 km / h. In addition, signs for deaf drivers became mandatory, “U” for school cars for driving schools, “Dangerous goods” and “Bulky cargo” for trucks, notes .