The legendary “Niva” – 40!

Exactly 40 years ago, in 1977 the production of off-road cars VAZ-2121 “Niva” began. Since 1997, about 2.5 million such cars have been produced, more than 530 thousand cars – exported.

This is the only Lada that conquered all 6 continents of the Earth, including Antarctica, where the Russian off-road car was 11 years old. For 40 years of production, AvtoVAZ and its partners have mastered more than 30 serial and small-scale modifications of the car: pickups, armored cars, cabriolets and other original cars. And in 2005 due to legal peculiarities “Niva” began to be produced under the name Lada 4×4.

For its way, the model has undergone several modernization cycles, but in the constructive plan it has been produced without global changes for 40 years already. Nevertheless, the renewals of “Niva” continue today.

We suggest you to recall the brightest moments from the life of “Niva” in our gallery, as well as to learn some unknown facts from the history of this model.