The French presented the concept Renault Coupe Corbusier

Renault Coupe Corbusier

The French company “Renault” introduced the concept coupe Renault Coupe Corbusier, created in memory of the famous architect Le Corbusier, who died 50 years ago.

The concept should not be taken very seriously, since Renault immediately made a reservation that there are no plans to produce a serial model. Nevertheless, the Renault Coupe Corbusier shows the possibilities of the designers of the French company.

According to representatives of Renault, the coupe is now exhibited at Villa Savoy in Poissy in France, as part of an exhibition titled “Des voitures? Habiter: automobile et modernisme XXe-XXIe si? ​​Cles »(Cars for life: cars and modernism in the 20th and 21st centuries). The exhibition will last until March 20, 2016.