The first tests Subaru Impreza 2017: another competitor Golf and Focus

Journalists publication Carsales praised new generation Impreza for more than tenacious chassis that perfectly holds in the corners and has a neutral balance. According to their senses, the new behavior is even better than the Mazda3 and Toyota Corolla, and match the driving performance model can even class leaders – Volkswagen Golf and Ford Focus.

In the photo: Subaru Impreza 2017

Soundproofing vehicle also rose to the occasion: Now the road noise did not bother during the ride. There are significant disadvantages: in the car, journalists did not find the duct for the passengers in the rear seats – it will worsen their comfort in hot climates.

Under the hood of the new generation Subaru Impreza is a time-tested boxer 2-liter aspirated index FB20. Now it is equipped with direct fuel injection, allowing increased its efficiency. He also added 7 horsepower to power, and now the engine produces 157 horsepower. The journalists have not noticed any significant differences between the new engine from its predecessor in terms of reaction to the gas pedal: paired with a CVT engine spins up "to the top" in order to make the new Impreza to go boldly, but thanks to the excellent sound insulation, it is almost inaudible. But the car is rather weak dynamics – makes itself felt the car's weight and the presence of all-wheel drive. The disadvantages include the fact that the discharge of gear goes reluctantly, especially when on the road there is a need to "shoot".

Previously, we reported that, when the brand will introduce a new generation of Subaru XV.

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