The first tests of a pickup Great Wall Steed: inexpensive and modern

H ow Motoring journalists publications write the first thing that attracts pickup Great Wall Steed – is its price. For 30 000 Australian dollars (about 1.464 million rubles), the buyer will get a car that will be equipped with dual-zone climate control, heated seats, entertainment system, six airbags, stabilization system, and other options. Volkswagen Amarok, Ford Ranger and other competitors with similar options are 2 times more expensive, highlight journalists.

Photo: Great Wall Steed pickup

Off-road vehicle quality is average, the journalists said. Using the keys in the center console can be connected to four-wheel drive, but the main thing at this point not to miss and do not switch the radio – transmission mode button located unsuccessful. Locking center differential also present. Prevents conquer off-road low ground clearance of 171 mm, and the lowest point of the vehicle is located in the front control arms. We do not have provided the designers and the protection of the fuel tank.

The publication has counted Caradvice steering pickup truck came loose and uninformative, but in city traffic the minus is not very noticeable.

Modification of diesel power unit will cost 2 000 dollars more expensive version with a 2.4-liter aspirated, but only with a diesel engine is available all-wheel drive. Motor by the standards of turbodiesels resourceful: he gives good traction in the range of 1500 to 4000 rpm, insulation has a very good.

Publication Whichcar criticized for its lack of car automatic transmission and a hard spring rear suspension that even in a slightly loaded condition causes the pickup to jump over pits ball. Also, the journalists could not get used to the size of the car due to low and long bumpers, and the pickup is not equipped with a parking assistant.

Previously, we reported that stocks of Great Wall cars in Russia at the end.

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