The first tests Nissan Pathfinder: ringing the door and the habits of a minivan

F American edition of the Daily News, journalists criticized NY car as soon as it hit the salon. After closing the door, they heard a rattling sound that immediately spoil the first impression of the car.

In the photo: Nissan Pathfinder

But the engine was commended. By the way, the 3.5-liter "aspirated" thanks to direct fuel injection, new pistons, intake system, as well as other updates now develops 284 horsepower. Thanks to him crossover confidently keeps in a city stream.

During the test drive the journalists sometimes had the feeling that they are behind the wheel of a minivan – so much the car roll in cornering.

Car Entertainment system is also updated, but the front console, according to journalists NY Daily News, remains congested buttons, which is discordant with the design of the consoles of other brands of vehicles.

Colleagues from Caranddriver editions were not so hard to criticize the new Pathfinder. In their view, this car is no longer conquer the jungle or off-road, and carry about children in school and sports clubs. And all because the crossover has excellent security, spacious luggage compartment and a comfortable, soft suspension.

In the photo: Nissan Pathfinder

The design of the front console reporters Caranddriver, unlike colleagues from the NY Daily News, liked – audio control and climate control is very simple and convenient. They also liked the classic automatic transmission selector, while the competition regimes are often displayed on the front of the console, or switch to a joystick. Seats on the new Pathfinder hardly updated: as before, there is a feeling that does not sit "in" them, "to" them.

Summing up his impressions, the journalists pointed out that the need to assess the crossover in accordance with what function it performs often.

Previously, we reported that the US price of the updated crossover begins with a mark of $ 30,890.

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