The first pick-up Mercedes-Benz will present a week

According to TF1, a pickup premier Mercedes-Benz will be held on October 25, 2016. It does not specify whether it will be a production version or Germans show a conceptual prototype. Also, the model name is unknown, among the possible options – GLT-Class and X-Class.

Van Mercedes built on the Nissan Navara (NP300) New generation platform, which also forms the basis of Renault Alaskan. Despite the fact that the chassis is "German" car got from the Alliance, it will be "a real Mercedes" – as stated by the «autoND» Vice President of Mercedes-Benz Vans Soren Heze in an exclusive interview.

It is assumed that in the range of engines will include new models of petrol and diesel four-cylinder engines, as well as the V6 turbodiesel with returns of at least 250 hp wheel-drive system, is expected to be offered as an option.

In the photo: Renault Alaskan

Earlier «autoND» reported that Mercedes-Benz monophonic pickup will be produced at Nissan and Renault concerns factories in the Argentine city of Córdoba and in Barcelona in the Russian model will appear at the end of 2017 -. The beginning of 2018. "As companies consider Russia as one of the most important markets for this product, along with other regions, where the popular mid-size pickups with a double cabin – Latin America, Australia, Southeast Asia and South Africa", – commented Mr. Heze earlier.

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