The first details about the new BMW M8

According to Autocar, under the hood BMW M8 Coupe will set tvinturbirovanny V8 volume of 4.0 liters, the power of which exceeds 600 hp This is not surprising, because under the hood of the M-current version of the flagship "sevens" drawn by a herd of 609 "horses". The new coupe will be offered in both versions with rear-wheel and all-wheel drive.

In the photo: BMW Gran Lusso Coupe '2013

According to insider information, the acceleration time to 100 km / h at the BMW M8 Coupe will be "much less than four seconds." That, however is also not surprising, as already mentioned M760Li xDrive it is sprint exercise takes 3.7 seconds.

In the photo: BMW Gran Lusso Coupe '2013

Note that in 1990, BMW produced a one-off prototype M8, equipped with a six-liter "aspirated" the V12 with the impact of more than 600 hp, but the project is on the coupe "hacked" for fear of lack of demand for such an extreme version of the car and the high cost of development. The compromise was the BMW 850 CSi, released in 1992 with an engine capacity of 380 hp volume of 5.4 liters.

Earlier «autoND» portal reported that the BMW 8 Series Coupe has already left on road tests. It is assumed that the "eight" will replace the sixth series of vehicles. This is indirectly confirmed by the concepts of the company: in 2013 the Germans showed BMW Gran Lusso Coupe, which anticipates "dvudverku" 8 Series, and a year later presented the BMW Vision Future Luxury – it is probably the forerunner of the model in the back of a four-door type Gran Coupe, which now including performed and the "six".

Cars eighth series, which also come with a version with an open top, CLAR will be created on the platform, which is the basis of a new generation 7 Series and the upcoming debut of the next generation 5 Series. The design of the car will be used magnesium, aluminum, carbon fiber and high-strength steel; goal – to achieve the best results on the level of rigidity of the body and curb weight.

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