The deputies came up with candidates for drivers a new exam

In addition to the standard theory and practice on the site and in the city, future motorists are offered to check for ethics and culture of driving.

Preparing for failure. Why do not they learn from driving schools?

The proposal to introduce such an examination was made by the head of the State Duma Committee on Security and Counteracting Corruption Vasily Piskarev. “Such a subject should be handed over not only to persons receiving a driving license, but also deprived of it for a certain period,” the author of the initiative emphasized.-I am convinced that road traffic is an area where upbringing can have no less, or even more preventive impact , Than the most severe punishment. ” Piskarev added that “the key to an effective security solution is not only in the sphere of law enforcement standards, but also in the moral and ethical plane.”

In addition, within the framework of the parliamentary hearings on the theme “Problems of road safety: legal and moral-moral aspects”, a proposal was made to increase the number of hours of practice in driving schools.