The construction of the main supports of the Crimean bridge began

The builders began concreting one of the main pillars of the bridge to the Crimea. Two navigable arches will be erected.

Amazing finds of builders of the Crimean bridge

“The builders have begun the next stage: on the pile field of the road support part, a grill is formed – a monolithic reinforced concrete slab.This time the reinforcement frame of this slab is gradually” tied “, which is gradually concreted. Cubic meters of concrete mix, “- reported on the official website of the project.

The foundations of road and railway bridge supports are formed from piles of three types – bored, prismatic and tubular, which are submerged to a depth of 12 to 90 meters.

It is expected that the first cars on the bridge will be able to pass in December 2018, and trains in 2019. The Kerch bridge is built on budgetary funds, the estimated cost of the project is 211.9 billion rubles.

Photo: Most.rf