The British found gold in a Soviet tank

The collector of military equipment discovered gold bullion worth more than $ 2.5 million in T-54, bought on e-Bay

The fifty-year-old Nick Mead of the United Kingdom is a big fan of tanks and armored cars. And the Briton does not just study their features, but also literally collects and restores old models of equipment – in his collection there are more than 150 combat vehicles. However, his recent purchase of Nick Meade and his partner, mechanic Todd Chamberlain will be remembered for a long time. And all thanks to the gold bars found in the tank, the T-54, bought on e-Bay for 30,000 pounds (37,600 dollars).

The find was found when Chamberlain began to disassemble the car to make sure that there was no ammunition left inside. Having removed the fuel tank cap, the mechanic came across four gold ingots weighing about 5 kg each. By modest estimates, the total cost of the find was at least 2.5 million US dollars. According to the British, inside the tank gold was placed by Iraqi soldiers, who tried to hide thus stolen during the war in the Persian Gulf in 1990-1991. “Apparently, they cut a hole in the tank, and through it they put the ingots there,” – explained Nick Meade.

“We did not know what to do with the gold,” says Chamberlain, “you can not just take five bullions to the exchange office, so we called the police,” he adds. The police seized the found ingots “in the interests of the investigation,” leaving the collector and mechanic with an official receipt. Later it became known that the authorities had decided to transport gold to London. From the comments on this occasion the local police department refused.

However, as Nick Mead himself said, even if gold is not returned to him, he will not be very upset. “The main thing is that my fine tank is still with me,” explained the lucky Briton.