The battle for a place in the Citroen continues. Who will be among the lucky ones?

While for the Citroen team is a temporary pause in a full program of the World Rally Championship, they do use the released time for testing and deliberation of strategic decisions. One of these solutions should be the pilots for next 2017. Then enter into force on the new technical regulations, and the track has rolled out new cars, over which are now hard at work in all the garages of the factory teams.

For team boss Yves Mutton, Rally Poland has become a test-site, determining who is worth

For Citroen will soon come time to decide who will go as part of the "double chevron". And given the fact that the FIA ​​is considering that the team set off battles will earn points not two crew, as now, but three, then there is a command "cadre hunger strike."

Craig Breen had to compete with his own colleagues on the team – and it was not easy

Citroen is seriously considering the two young pilots, who can join the team. It's Craig Breen and Stephane Lefebvre, both experienced enough to take on such a task, and young ambition make them quite attractive "acquisition" for Citroen boss Yves Mutton.

Express roads Rally Poland proved too tough for young people from Citroen

The past race Rally Poland showed that the guys are ready to compete with the stronger and more experienced competitors. Let is not on an equal footing, however, with a clear stepping stone for the future. Particularly distinguished Stéphane Lefebvre, who is actively leading the race, and even earned the win in one of the special stages. Another thing is that with an activity would have to be careful – because just three special stages before the finish he had visited "on the roof", damaging the suspension and lose their advantage.

Stéphane Lefebvre said that he was able to express themselves well in the Rally Poland

Now the team is making plans for the next stage of the World Cup fast – it's about three cars for Chris Mika, Craig Breen and Khalid Al Qassimi. And at the upcoming China Rally is declared only Kris Meeke.

Recall that the FIA ​​tightening the screws for private teams in the light of the new regulations.

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