Tesla was told when the budget crossover Model Y appears

The novelty will be built on the same platform as the Model 3 sedan.

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According to the head of Tesla Ilona Mask, the model range of the manufacturer will be replenished with a new electric crossover Model Y for several years. Such a statement he made in his microblogging . It is known that Model Y will be positioned below the already sold Model X, will receive a similar scheme of opening the rear doors, as well as an autopilot. At the same time, the system of autonomous driving is modernized: it will receive 12 improved non-sound sensors, a radar and a computer, and the performance will be several tens of times higher than that of the current version. According to rumors, the battery capacity of the electric car will be 70 kW. On one charge, the crossover will be able to pass about 370 kilometers.

Meanwhile, at the moment the company is testing another novelty – an affordable Tesla Model 3 sedan. Prices for this model start from 35 thousand rubles – probably the crossover Model Y will be somewhat more expensive.