Super power for the good of society: supercars and sports cars service destination

Until recently, the most important task of these machines – "test of strength" of various innovations in the automotive industry – with the exhibition razvlekuhoy stirred, and nothing more. Supercar was always a piece goods – the price per unit equal to the value of such a small fleet of production vehicles. For the purchase of "giants" ventured only mad collectors from among the rich but rare collectors of automotive history. But now the order of things began to change: supercar increasingly materialize with posters and pages of magazines. They leave the secret hangars and go serve the people …. And not as a simple advertising, and in the same "hell" of municipal services – fire protection, medical care and the police. It is this, which is located on the guard of the class society of supercars, is dedicated to the opus.

Fire protection

In this area, better other distinguished company Porsche AG. Her famous Cayenne crossover has truly limitless potential. Experiments with its implementation in social services began in 2008. Then automakers have provided one of the offices "firefighters' hometown Stuttgart two specially equipped vehicles to rescue the victims of the fire. Of course, the common offspring of Porsche and VW Group can not be called "supercar" in the full sense of the word, but damned if some municipal staff carriage can take a hundred in 5.9 seconds, and then develop a speed of over 240 km / h. A burn patients – is the case when any delay is death.

Then fire Cayenne S appeared in Leipzig. In the summer of 2012 with the Porsche factory conveyor descended jubilee 500 thousandth car that the company has decided to present the city. Sport crossover with a V8 engine has been modified in the staff car of the fire brigade. The case of the sign even if the fact that a unit of such equipment is worth about $ 140 thousand. At the same time Porsche AG company's management understands that the budget is not every city can spend their rescue equipment such amount, and from time to time involved in charity work.


A year earlier, in 2007, the Stuttgart engineers first tested the Cayenne S as in "ambulance cars". At this point of their unusual request prompted the Government of Bulgaria to the World Bank. Bulgarian officials have asked for funds to purchase 32 Porsche Cayenne SUV in order to update its fleet of medical workers. The public raised them to laugh, and the Germans are thinking: after all really, this "first aid" and the patient whisk in record time, and will pass there, where other cars will rise.

In four instances the famous crossover equipped with all the necessary medical equipment was created as an experiment. Among other things, the interior of the vehicle is equipped with a stretcher to transport a patient lying. In the series, this technique did not go – the engineers from Stuttgart, use it only for their own needs, dispersing medical Cayenne at the Porsche plants: just in case.

At the peak of the company's competitors Mercedes-Benz in 2011, presented to the German exhibition of special equipment RETTmobil «most rapid" first aid "in the world" – a supercar SLS AMG Emergency Medical Concept. This car is also the most unusual in the history of medicine: the mechanism of its doors was a "gull wing". Under the hood, the "miracle machine" was placed powerful naturally aspirated V8 engine of 6.2 liters (571 liters. With., 6800 rev / min). The supercar was so fast, that was dispersed to hundred in 3.8 seconds and a top speed of 317 km / h. Unfortunately, the next Mercedes-Benz plans have not moved in this matter. A pity – could have something very interesting!

BMW X6, or styled it themselves Bavarians, "Wheel monster"

But the "Bavarian Motors', faced with" Merce "nose to nose on RETTmobil 2011 gift of time is not lost. Their midsize crossover class "luxury» BMW X6 became a mandatory municipal fleets in German hospitals. The company has converted for this purpose sports version of its SUV – xDrive50i with uprated engines to 555 liters. from. and a twin-turbo! In addition to finalizing the motor underwent suspension models, steering and all-wheel drive system. This "first aid" even on uphill climbs, if need be!

However, in the championship claim to elitism in equipping medical staff expected the UAE goes. Dubai physicians have at their department several units spetsversii coupe Lotus Evora. This car is equipped with a 3.5-liter V6 rated at 350 hp. s., holds a "top speed" of 300 km / h, and accelerates up to a hundred in 4.8 seconds.

But picture this "fast" emblazoned in 2014. Interestingly, it has helped at least someone ???

After the presentation, Lotus Evora as a UAE medical technology at GITEX community with both the chain fell: people did not stop to caustic comments – they say, "as a patient to carry" or "quite a fat these Arabs enraged" … In fact, the Dubai government's logic clear: this sports car will allow to halve the "ambulance" arrival to the patient (from eight to four minutes). In developed countries, it is standard practice – in time to help the patient whose life depends on every extra second. With the support of such a device as a Lotus Evora, a person can successfully revive before the approach "main" medical team (included defibrillator, oxygen bottles, tires for fractures and other emergency vehicles).


Porsche 911 sports coupe: the fun that in Australia, the Germans severe everyday life …

In addition, the prestige policing services should be increased, came in several parts of the globe. For example, the Australian Government has willingly agreed to the friendship with the company Porsche AG. The local office of the German automotive industry immediately made a gift to the municipality in the form of the legendary sports car Porsche 911. Auto has a six-cylinder engine capacity of 500 liters. from. and can take a hundred for five seconds. But that's a goodwill gesture Porsche appreciate in Australia: local cops patrolling the streets is prohibited on this machine. Sports car in the country assigned to a higher mission – to participate in public events and youth campaigning to detailed traffic study. Here's how!

But at the British police on arms taken Lotus Exige, and law enforcement officers are not afraid to use it in business! It's no joke – the 280-hp engine rips the car from zero to hundred in 4.1 seconds! On this interceptor patrol road outfits Sussex – any reckless driver at the sight of this monster is morally destroyed on the spot! At the same time British police – not the most humane in the world: it will block the offender in the act and go beyond themselves (some places in the Exige only two). Let yourself waiting for the poor fellow, chained to a speed limit sign, when it will be for another spetstrasport …

Italian cops, too, favored by the attention of his countrymen – in particular, the famous manufacturer of Lamborghini supercars. This year the company presented "native" guards order a completely new model to replace the broken Gallardo – Huracan LP610-4. Supercar named after the god of the winds of South America and fully lives up to its name. V10 engine capacity of 5.2 liters and 610 liters. from. It accelerates the car to 325 km / h ( "hundreds" submits it for 3.1 seconds!).

In addition to the police, "bells and whistles", the machine is equipped with a fridge for the transport of internal organs and a defibrillator, and therefore, is not only able to arrive before anyone else on the scene, but also to provide emergency medical care. Viva Italia!

The cost of a broken Gallardo – $ 250 thousand A Huracan Italian Carabinieri probably got a discount ….

And here is the most feature-rich in the world the police again is traditionally considered to be the cops Dubai. The head office of law enforcement garage is collected, perhaps, the most expensive collection of supercars: the enumeration of instances of this fleet worthy of a separate article. Here you and the Bentley Continental GT, and Nissan GT-R, and the Aston Martin One-77, and the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG, and Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG Brabus, and the Lamborghini Aventador, and the Ferrari FF, and even the Bugatti Veyron. Next to these monstrous machines maslkary like Chevrolet Camaro and Ford Mustang look broiler chickens, which are raised for slaughter …

Such police giperosnaschennost first raises a smile, and then bewilderment – really all it is collected solely for the benefit of public safety? Of course not. Just superstar live superhumans, which must rest on guard superkopii supercars. Let them guard. In addition, consider other people's money – mauvais ton. However, it is important the police with smiles rock stars on the faces of dissected along the beaches of Dubai on the Veyron or Aventador and happily pose for tourist cameras, it is possible that the last pockets rummage supervory. Just because they turned up in a good time …

Fastest police in the world. And incredibly expensive!


So, we have living examples to see how the most ambitious automotive project calculated unless on an era of space travel, find their place in our time. Watch this process is very exciting. At the same time we would like to attract supercars to society was positive widespread trend. So they carried out their work, and not an object of the photoshoot, and in order to have time to help one of my, or your neighbor, if all the other coaches "ambulance" suddenly will be busy …

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