Skoda will launch a cross-coupé based Kodiaq

Cross-coupe Skoda Kodiaq base will be sold in China – this is the company's representatives said at the outset. Still, after China market is one of the most promising. In the eyes of the Europeans, meanwhile, stood the question: "How do we – again cheated" The company said it intends to sell the new product on the market of the Old World, but have a small problem, voiced by Christian Strube, head of research and development: "We wanted to I like to see this car (cross-coupe -. note «autoND) sold in Europe, but the catch is that there is no production capacity for new products."

"The new model really is great potential for the European market – said Strube – but not the question, and not even in our business case. It is a question of capacity of our plants. We sell so many cars that will have to re-discuss what to do in this situation, to decide where we will be releasing a new crossover. "

Skoda Kodiaq Production started in Kvasiny October 18

If a company faced with such a problem, then talk about the timing of the emergence of cross-coupé based Kodiaq still very early. Most likely, the crossover will debut in the second half of 2017 or in 2018. Despite the fact that the "donor" for yet unnamed new items proposed in the seven-seater version, kupeobrazny SUV will be available with only five seats in the cabin, but it is expected to surpass the parameters of practicality main competitors – BMW X4 and Mercedes-Benz GLC Coupe.

Recall, the world premiere of Skoda Kodiaq on 1 September in Berlin, sales in Europe will begin in early 2017, the crossover will be available in the summer in Russia. The price of a novelty for a number of countries have already declared.

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