Salt and pepper: Peugeot unveiled two unexpected news

Since its founding in 2010, the design studio of the French manufacturer implements the idea, not related to the automotive industry. On account of professionals Peugeot Design Lab interesting and diverse projects, such as folding bicycle with an auxiliary electric, elegant conceptual clock Pecqueur Conceptuals and even a sofa handmade carbon fiber and volcanic stone, the cost of which was fabulous 135 000 euros (about 9360 00 rubles) .

Sofa Handmade Onyx

This time experts design laboratory undertook the usual kitchen assistants – salt shaker and pepper mill. It would seem that the usual things acquired quite unusual, elegant and dynamic form, clearly borrowed stylistic code of automotive design. Pepper mill designed for use directly over the dish. A special form of aluminum housing allows precise dosing of powdered spices.

Salt and pepper mill a limited edition – only 150 pieces for each. Buy new items can be in the online boutique Peugeot for 99 euros (about 6900 rubles).

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