Russian motorists switch to electronic vehicles

The transition period from paper TCP to electronic will begin on July 1, 2017. The corresponding draft resolution was published on the government website and is currently undergoing a public discussion procedure.

Preparing for failure. Why do not they learn from driving schools?

The Ministry of Industry and Trade reminded that the car manufacturer or its authorized representative will be responsible for processing the electronic passport. “Thus, the new car will already have EPTS with a unique number when buying,” the ministry noted. “To register the vehicle, the buyer will need to inform the traffic police inspector of the electronic passport number or identification number (VIN) or provide an extract from the electronic passport, as well as contract of sale”.

The published draft resolution also determines the cost of the service: thus, automakers will pay 250 rubles for registration, and individuals and legal entities – 600 rubles. Recall that at present the design of the traditional paper PTS costs 800 rubles.

“The introduction of EPTS will automate most of the processes associated with the turnover of passports and the registration of vehicles, as well as exclude the costs of production, transportation, storage, processing and disposal of passports on paper in the amount of about 900 rubles per unit, which is currently carried by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia “, The Ministry of Industry and Trade added.