Rolls-Royce decided on for the first time

Why carry out a test drive of the car buying that, are you sure that he is the best on the planet? The question for many is rhetorical, but nevertheless, one of the most conservative automakers provides an opportunity to experience the Rolls-Royce on the go. The new studio, which opens its doors on November 1, South Korea, will be the only Rolls-Royce site in the world to offer a test-drive of the brand models in their own closed circuit.

The site is located within walking distance from the Incheon International Airport, which is about 70 kilometers from Seoul. It offers potential buyers 2.6 kilometer race track and adjacent roads. Accompany the client will be instructors trained at the Academy of Rolls-Royce drivers in Goodwood, which "will help visitors to fully appreciate the phenomenal driving performance and technical excellence Rolls-Royce».

As for the studio then its area of ​​200 square meters. The space is divided into two zones: the "Gallery" – is a demonstration of the current lineup of the brand, and "Atelier", where guests can meet with the company's design team, pre-schedule an appointment, and dive into the world Bespoke personalization program features. Also in the "Atelier" are examples of work with leather, wood and paint, and other options are Bespoke.

Earlier portal «autoND» reported that in Moscow, opened the first shop in Europe for the sale of Pre-Owned Rolls-Royce.

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