Revocable campaign Century: BMW invites to the service

Yes, that's right, a review concerns one car. The unique revocable campaign became known to journalists TopSpeed ​​publication. It turned out that in this instance can not correctly establish the EPS unit, part of the ESP system. It is fraught with the risk of fire, even when the ignition is off.

By the way, recently, we were told that in the US, there was another atypical situation related to service campaign "Bavarians". 66 models of BMW M-series came under review in the winter 2016, and the fall of the same car had to be taken back to the dealers. First, in "emkah" changed defective rear differential. Later it turned out that during the January mechanics of a callable company used old bolts on the subframe, which were originally installed in the BMW factory. However, these fasteners are effectively disposable and should be replaced.

we met the premiere of the new BMW 5 Series is also last week. The car has received a lot of technological innovation, has become a major precursor and, according to the manufacturer, it is superior to its competitors in the field of dynamics and efficiency. Start of sales of the new "five" is scheduled for February 2017.

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