Renault Trezor – a concept with a roof like a box

The length of the new concept of Renault Trezor is 4 700 mm, width – 2180 mm, and height – only 1080 mm. The size of the wheelbase – 2776 mm. But the most surprising distance between wheels on the same axle, the track in other words – in the front, the figure is 2048 mm, rear – 2 106 mm. That is, the concept is very, very wide. In the company said that the weight distribution in the concept of the ideal – this has been achieved at the expense of placement of the battery pack in the front, the other – in the back of the car. Plus Trezor at a fairly low center of gravity. For all these reasons, we can count on the good handling.

The body is built around a carbon fiber monocoque. Because carbon fiber is made and a lid that covers the interior. The company said that it is very similar to the box for jewelry. It's kind of a reference to the retro-car, which was equipped with a roof of similar design. Thus, according to the French, the driver feels the car a whole.

Doors in the traditional sense at Renault Trezor not. The company said that to get in the car interior is as simple as a saddle horse. To facilitate the planting are provided automatically folding headrests.

Cargo space in Renault Trezor – directly behind the dashboard. This solution – a kind of reminder that the journey can be art

The power plant concept inherited from Renault car involved in the Formula-e Championships: the 350-hp electric motor with a maximum torque of 380 Nm. Up to 100 km / h accelerates innovation in less than four seconds.

Instead, fuel level indication installed analog instrument showing the power residue. Pay attention to its unusual layout – it is where it should be a hatch gas tank

How many kilometers is enough energy stored in the battery pack with its own cooling system, the company did not say. But it is known that an improvement of aerodynamics taken care of. The drag coefficient is only 0.22 cX, tires, specially developed for the concept car by Pirelli, almost bald – Protector is extremely narrow and is used for driving stability on wet coating; hood Trezor was active aerodynamic elements – honeycomb cell, which is shown in the teaser yesterday, opened and closed as needed.

And without energy recovery systems, too, has not done under braking.

In Trezor has three driving modes: standard, sport and off-line. When activated, the last logo in the front and rear of the vehicle will turn red, alerting other road users about the inclusion of "autopilot", as the steering wheel is divided into two equal parts, which move off to the side.

Salon with its austerity is very unusual. Firstly, emotional red. Note that this tone may have not only a tonic effect on the driver, as annoying and leads to aggression. But here we do offer that Trezor – concept.

At Renault Trezor a new approach for the company to display the form – L-shaped: the dashboard and display multimedia systems are integrated into one device. Thanks to the latest technology in the creation of OLED-displays, clarity and color reproduction, as stated, are phenomenal, the sun does not glare displays and do not cause discomfort. But there is a question – whether he dazzles the driver at night?

The instrument panel was made in cooperation with KEIM – it is made of wood in a special process using ash. On the strength of the product is not inferior to composite materials and allows you to keep an attractive wood structure.

In mass production concept Renault Trezor, most likely, will not go and will be demonstrating the company's capabilities in terms of design and new technologies.

Recall that in the framework of the Renault showroom in Paris presented the super-Koleos Initiale Paris and the new of Zoe, which run on a single charge is now a decent 400 kilometers.

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