Renault called a harbinger of new models Trezor

In 2010, Renault presented the concept DeZir, which marked a new era of design, which is the founder of Laurens van den Acker. Key elements of style DeZir is to smooth and "warm" lines. The new show car Renault Trezor the company calls a worthy successor to "Desire" and the beginning of a new design cycle.

In the teaser – a piece of Renault Trezor hood, the roof and the windshield, which is making its way through the red light. Drawing on the hood very similar chemical structure. Based on this, as well as paying attention to the primary color of the car, it can be assumed that the receive unit Trezor fuel cell.

It is known that the Renault Trezor is driven by means of one or more electric motors. As explained in the company, the letter «Z» in the title refers to ZEpowertrain, where ZE – Zero Emission, ie zero exhaust.

Earlier «autoND» reported that in addition to the new concept of company Renault is preparing for the premiere of the super-Koleos new generation.

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