Reach out to GLONASS. Where is the alarm button set?

Automakers differently set the emergency call button. In some machines – in a very original place.

Already, most models on the Russian market are sold with the ERA-GLONASS system, which helps emergency services react as quickly as possible to accidents. About the scheme of work we have already written more than once: when an accident occurs, the operator receives data about the car and its coordinates, and the driver is trying to get in touch.

The terminal consists of a navigation receiver, a GSM-modem, an accelerometer. Among the components of the system, of course, and the SOS button itself, through which the driver can manually call emergency services.

The unit itself can be located anywhere – it all depends on the specific manufacturer. “Glonassists” no matter who and how to solve the issue with the installation. The main thing is that the system should work, and this is already tested on crash tests for certification.

There are no unified requirements for the placement of the alarm button itself. As the head of the ERA-GLONASS project Mikhail Korablev told us, this issue is decided individually by the company. However, the SOS key and the speaker still have to answer certain criteria. So, the sound when calling the operator should be heard from anywhere in the cabin, and before the button a person must reach from the driver’s seat. And where is the most convenient position?

On the ceiling

The most popular and simple place to install a red button (color, by the way, is also optional) is the ceiling next to the windshield. First, there is always a free space among other controls – for example, salon lighting. Secondly, it is easier for manufacturers to write a “foreign” element in the interior. Thirdly, it will be convenient for the driver to press any landing.

As it is realized in cars, look at the photo. There is an opinion that you can accidentally click anything like a naked button, like, for example, in Hyundai Solaris. In fact, this is a delusion. To call the ERA-GLONASS operator, keep the key pressed for three seconds. It’s hardly possible to do this by accident when positioned on a ceiling. Nevertheless, some hide an alarming badge from sin away under the glass cap. Like, say, Mitsubishi in the Outlander crossover.

On the windshield

A non-standard version we found on the test car Mercedes-Benz GLE. The fact is that placing the button on the ceiling in cars with a panoramic roof or a long hatch is more difficult. That’s the Germans and installed the entire unit on the windshield. More precisely, pasted. Therefore, if the windscreen is replaced, the terminal will not suffer. Obviously, he does not interfere, but, honestly, it looks all very unpleasant. In the future “Mercedes” for our market, we hope this will not happen.

On the central panel

Sometimes it happens. Porsche stands out not only the driving characteristics of its cars, but also simply original solutions in the interior. In the new generation of Panamera, the ERA-GLONASS button was next door to the handgrip and cigarette lighter. Naturally, with this arrangement, it had to be closed with glass.

On the rearview mirror

Why waste space under the ceiling, when you can take out a button on the salon mirror? A similar scheme is seen in the car Ravon R3, which came to the Russian market last year. There is, however, a big minus. Even in normal, non-emergency conditions, it is not so easy to get a finger – too small. But you can reach it.