Prototype Tesla Model 3 drove to the track

The novelty of the American manufacturer of electric vehicles was seen on public roads. It is noteworthy that the prototype Tesla Model 3 is accompanied by the Tesla Model S, thanks to which the difference in the dimensions of these two cars is clearly visible.

Canadians sent “torn” Tesla

Model 3 is not the first time going on tests without camouflage – Tesla has nothing to hide, as the exterior of the car is no different from the presented in March 2016 concept car. Recall, the novelty is known that the electric vehicle’s power reserve on one charge will be 350 kilometers, and acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h will take less than 6 seconds. The electric car in the initial level of equipment costs from 35 thousand dollars.

As reported by “Avtomambler”, currently at the Tesla plant is a test assembly of the model, and full production starts in mid-summer. Shipment of vehicles to customers is scheduled for 2018.