Paris Motor Show 2016 has lost several eminent members

According to the newspaper Automotive News, the reasons for reluctance to "go out" from the automakers are similar: they do not want to spend millions of dollars on this event and do not consider the actual format of the showroom in the modern realities of automobile marketing.

Previously, it prevailed the opinion that it is necessary to participate in every showroom. But sometimes there are better options than the annual waste of money on the show.

Andy Palmer, CEO of Aston Martin

According to the Lamborghini, the company revised strategy on participation in the Motor Show. "The world is constantly changing, and we accept these changes." Volkswagen Group «saved» on the participation of the Lamborghini, reduced organizational costs and other Group brands, abandoning of the traditional gala event Group Night.

Rolls-Royce this year "was replaced by" the Paris Motor Show in the range of client activities at the island of Sardinia in Italy. In addition to test drives and fashion shows, the company has paid attention to the Instagram bloggers and users, including their additional promotion channel.

The Ford claimed a new approach to marketing in France. The company chose to Paris Motor Show conference Le Web, dedicated to digital innovation. Also, this summer, the auto giant has organized a one-day test drive across France to all comers.

However, not all car manufacturers consider the Paris Motor Show a waste of time and money. It became known today about the upcoming premieres of Mercedes and smart. At the stand of Daimler entire company about 30 cars will be exhibited. We are also told that Lexus will show in Paris are three trends: a prototype of a compact crossover UX Concept, flagship coupe and crossover LC NX Sport Edition.

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