Opel Insignia revealed new details and talked about the new

Opel Insignia Grand Sport will be created on the new platform, which is expected to be borrowed from the French partner PSA Group. The basis of the external styling design concept was taken Opel Monza.

The wheelbase of the new model generation will be significantly increased – by about 9 centimeters, while the overall length compared to the actual insignia is the most by 5.5 cm – thanks to shorter overhangs.

Track from the new generation becomes a centimeter wider, and the line "will cut off" the roof about 3 cm. Thanks to this game, with the proportions as stated in the company, the car will never look like sports.

The use of new materials has allowed the engineers to reduce the weight of the model to 175 kilograms.

Car Salon will offer more space than its predecessor, as much as we often see in the higher class cars. On the "board" of the new Insignia will be "a lot of the top solutions" in terms of technology and features. However, in the Opel said that the change to his credo "The latest achievements must be accessible to the client" is not going to, and Insignia Grand Sport is a great alternative to more expensive competitor models.

World premiere of the new generation Opel Insignia will be held within the Geneva Motor Show in March 2017. Recall, the new product can be a "donor" for the brand new SUV, which will replace the Antara.

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