Opel Antara replaced by a new crossover based on the Insignia

"Large SUV will be produced in Rüsselsheim – quoted by Auto Express Neumann. – That makes sense if there is produced Insignia, there should be carried out and a crossover. " Top manager hinted that the new cross may appear until 2018, but that Opel is necessary to bring to market a new generation of Insignia family.

The new Opel Insignia will be based on the partner platform of the PSA Group (Peugeot alliance and Citroen). "We do not want to show someone else's car, but with our nameplates. It is not just badge-engineering, it will be really other machines, although the platform will be by PSA ».

Earlier «autoND» reported that Opel is preparing a crossover boom, new model SUV segment will replace the models, such as the Zafira and Meriva, and they too will be on the French partner platform. The large crossover based on the Insignia is expected, will replace the Antara and will compete with the Ford Edge.

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