One-Star: Renault Kwid confirmed the title of an unsafe vehicle

For the first time Global NCAP broke Quid in the base, in which the equipment does not present any airbags. The result was relevant – no stars hatchback is not scored. At this time the "beat" top-end version with a reinforced body structure, one eyrbegom and belt pre-tensioners on the driver – one star.

David Ward, Global NCAP Secretary General, commenting on the results said that Renault Kwid has been improved, but still the result is not very impressive: «Renault makes safe cars for other markets, the company has a technology that will make cars for India the same" . Ward expressed the wish that the security systems available optionally be offered as standard.

It is worth to stop and remind – car improvement invariably affect its value. Will it be an attractive proposition for the higher the price – the question. Nowadays buy Renault Kwid in India can be from 264,734 rupees (a little more than 256 000 rubles).

The world premiere of Renault Kwid was held in May 2015. The car immediately became popular in India, for which it was created, thanks to the attractive appearance and low price – an assembly of machines had to translate on the clock.

Soon Quid production and sales should begin in Brazil, also appeared information that the model can emerge in Europe.

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