Omich crossed the road on a boat

The indifferent inhabitant of the city Gennady Spiridonov offered a professional kayaker to cross a huge puddle on one of the central streets of Omsk.

In Kirov pits on the roads were carpeted

On his page in the social network Vkontakte, the man said that the purpose of this project is to draw the attention of the authorities to the existing problems in the city. According to him, there are a lot of photos on the Web that show the deplorable state of roads in the city, so the activist decided to come up to the idea creatively and hire a professional sportsman. To the puddle in the street Zhukova, the man was watching for a while. “I understand that in the courtyards of the puddle and wider, deeper and more terrible, but the yards ideologically did not suit me, I needed a highway,” he told the publication According to him, the communal services reacted to the rising hype in the media after a few hours – they came to Zhukov Street and drained the puddle.

Recall that in April a year earlier, as part of the “Direct Line” with President Vladimir Putin, the local resident complained about the state of roads in the city. Then the Omsk authorities quickly commented on the situation, saying that in 2016 it is planned to spend more than one billion rubles on street repairs.

As reported by “Automember”, in 2017, within the program “Development of the transport system,” 34 regions received from the state 30 billion rubles for high-quality roads.

Photo by Gennady Spiridonov / VKontakte