NYPD transplanted on Smart Fortwo

The decisive factors when choosing a replacement for steel tricycles served their reliability, a spacious lounge with small dimensions and air conditioning, which facilitates the daily work of the police in a hot city. White-blue "smarts" are equipped with special equipment, including flash Maçka on the roof and a police station.

Photo: Police Smart fortwo

«Smart – a spacious and maneuverable. It makes my job a lot easier. Many people say that the small patrol cars – this is a very nice … "- said the officer Ralph Jefferson, who got one of the first Smart fortwo.

In Russia, the usual smart models show a record increase in sales, and the company in September, has significantly expanded model line for our market. Now customers can use the whole range of "charged" compact and sitikar fortwo and forfour with the base engine and robotized transmission. The price of the base Fortwo with a manual transmission in Russia will start from 790 000 rubles.

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