Nissan would create Renault Zoe competitor

It is reported by Auto Express, citing its own sources in the company. According to the newspaper, Nissan is working on an electric car with the dimensions of Ford Fiesta. Gareth Dunsmore, responsible for the EV-projects in the European region, said that the creation of a car Leaf and development of appropriate technologies has been invested 5.4 billion US dollars, so the maximum audience should be covered. He hinted that the electrification of vehicles, of course, will affect the popular segment of the SUV, and subcompact cars.

In the photo: Nissan Leaf

As a platform for the new model can be used "truck» Nissan Leaf, which is structurally similar to of B0, which is the upgraded version, V-Platform, set up including the Juke. This means that the appearance of EV-crossover for Nissan is not a big difficulty.

If the car Renault Zoe will format the nissanovskogo model is likely to be produced in the town of Flin in one conveyor with Zoe.

In the photo: a prototype Nissan BladeGlider

Earlier it was reported that mass production can send Nissan BladeGlider, but, judging by the latest insider reports, Nissan is not interested in creating a sports car of this size. All the forces put on the creation of electric cars and hybrids.

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