Nissan Navara transformed into a mobile power station

Four-wheel drive Navara EnGuard Concept is based on Tekna version with double cabin and is equipped with twin-turbo diesel engine volume of 2.3 liters and output of 190 hp It was he who is the main source of energy for two portable battery packs, hidden in the back of a pickup truck.

The capacity of each unit – 2 kW, inside an aluminum "all-weather" body is seven modules Nissan EV. The devices have been developed as an alternative to generators that are used by rescuers to provide electricity specialized equipment. And nissanovskoy development has one advantage over the said generators – they can be used indoors without the threat of ignition and emission-free.

Battery packs have two interfaces, two 220-volt outlet, and three USB-ports. Sockets are also present on the sides of Navara EnGuard Concept. And the bead pickup fraught with another surprise – they are hidden sliding screen where the image is projected with a compact camera quadrocopters, which will help to assess the area from a height of 6000 meters. The speed of movement of the drone – up to 20 m / s. At this rate it can fly up to 30 minutes.

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