Named cars that are not afraid of large runs

If you want to buy a car that does not fall apart in a year, it’s best to choose an SUV. At least, it was to this conclusion came the specialists of the American company iSeeCars. Experts decided to study the market, and find out what proportion of the model is cars with a mileage of over 200,000 miles (321,868 km). The study was based on data on 13 million vehicles sold in the US in 2016.

As it turned out, the most “hardy” model presented in the US market is the Ford Expedition. More than 5% of these SUVs have a mileage of over 200,000 miles. This result was almost 5 times better than the average. Close to Ford, only the Toyota brand was picked up, which 5.6% of all registered Sequoia off-road vehicles also have a run of over 200,000 miles. Also in the list of the most hardy models according to iSeeCars rating were Chevrolet Suburban, Toyota 4Runner and GMC Yukon XL. Curiously, according to the study, the owners of all these models average 14,407 miles per year (23,185) – 14% more than the average driver.

Top 13 most hardy cars:

So, off-road cars are recognized as the most hardy. But what if you do not fit this body type? No problem. Researchers iSeeCars also made a separate list of models without taking into account SUV. And, as it turned out, most often before the run in 200,000 miles live Japanese cars. For example, the leaders in this category were Toyota Avalon, Honda Accord and Honda Odyssey.

Top 16 most hardy cars without taking into account pickups and SUV:

Finally, the experts compiled a list of the most endurance premium cars. As it turned out, in the luxury segment there are not so many cars capable of boasting a run of over 200,000 miles. For example, on average, only 0.6% of such segments are recruited. Experts attribute this to the fact that owners of expensive cars prefer not to go to them unnecessarily, because their cars are expensive to maintain. In addition, often large runs are directly prohibited by leasing contracts, which are very popular in the US.

TOP-7 most hardy luxury cars: