Mitsubishi Outlander recall due to badly tightened bolts

The recall campaign will affect 276 cars, under the service share machines of 2016, produced from October to February fall.

Mitsubishi turned Outlander into a limousine by April 1

“The reason for recalling cars Mitsubishi Outlender is the tightening torque of the bolts of the longitudinal levers of the rear suspension, which may be lower specification due to the penetration of the protective mastic under the bracket lever,” – said in a statement of Rosstandart.

Owners of problematic machines need either wait for an invitation to the service from the company, or independently read the list of VIN-codes, which is indicated by Rosstandart.

All works will be made free of charge, the masters will check the tightening torque of bolts, if necessary, excess protective mastic will be removed.