Mitsubishi L200 Pick-up was the "American"

Outwardly from the Mitsubishi L200 novelty is only the headlights but the grille. And Ram brand is a part of the concern Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA), and in the line of the company already has a "clone" of the Japanese pickup – Fiat Fullback. The difference between the "Italian" and the new Ram 1200 – only logos. All three trucks produced in Thailand located in the Mitsubishi factory.

In the photo: Ram 1200

The UAE Ram 1200 will offer a single-row or double cab, the rear or all-wheel drive. The range of engines will include a pickup petrol unit volume of 2.4 liters capacity of 130 hp and 2.5-liter turbo diesel, an outstanding 126 or 134 hp The engine is paired with the "mechanics" or "automatic". Load new items – up to 1165 kg.

In the Emirates Ram 1200 sales will start in the next year. At the moment there is no information about the appearance of a pickup in other countries. However, if the new Ram and climbs beyond the Middle East, we have it, most likely, still appears.

But the "twin» Mitsubishi L200 and Fiat Fullback presented in Russia. Both models can be purchased with a diesel engine capacity of 2.4 154 or 181 hp Price "Japanese" in 2016 issue – from 1.629 million rubles, the price list Fullback begins with a mark of 1,529,990 rubles.

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