Millions to the wind: what machines were destroyed in the movie “Fast and the Furious”

Total damage from the shooting of all parts of the car film epic exceeded 520 million dollars

As it turned out, the total amount of losses received during filming “Fast and the Furious” amounted to 419 million pounds sterling or 520 million dollars. The destruction was colossal: 169 damaged vehicles, 142 completely destroyed vehicles, 37 destroyed special vehicles (racing cars, buses, trains, motorcycles, helicopters, etc.), 53 damaged buildings and 31 destroyed buildings. This was the conclusion of experts from the agency Insurethegap, analyzing the cost of shooting all parts of the picture.

As it turned out, the most expensive destroyed car was Lykan Hypersport worth more than 3.4 million dollars, which was broken in the seventh part of “Fast and the Furious”. It is curious that in general in all films positive characters have done much more harm than negative ones. Thus, the damage from “good” heroes is estimated at $ 323.7 million, while from “bad” heroes it is estimated at $ 196 million.

Also curious that in the first parts of the “Forsage” damage to cars and buildings was more cosmetic in nature, but from the fourth part of the picture the scale of destruction began to grow dramatically. And the most expensive from this point of view was “Fast and Furious 7”, during which a record number of supercars and conventional cars were destroyed, as well as serious damage to buildings. The total damage from the filming of this part of the epic epic was almost $ 300 million.

If we talk about the specific characters of “Fast and the Furious”, then most of the cars from the goodies were not broken at all by Brian O’Connor and not by Dominique Toretto, but by Tej Parker and Roman Pierce. In the camp of the “enemies” Takashi, Shaw Boswell and Mose Jakanda distinguished themselves by the greatest number of cars destroyed. Well, the most damage to the buildings in the “Fast and the Furious” was done by Mia Toretto.

If we talk about the overall level of damage from the characters “Forsage”, then in third place was Luke Hobbs, whose scale of destruction is estimated at $ 33 million, second place went to Dominic Toretto, who destroyed cars, buildings and other items worth $ 69.7 million , And the most destructive character was Deckard Shaw, whose damage from actions is estimated at 184 million dollars.

Experts also added that it is possible that “Fast and Furious 8”, which starts in the movies these days, may be even more “devastating” than the previous parts.