“Mercedes” stood 21 years, because the owner lost the keys

In the UK, the Mercedes-Benz SL500 will be put up for sale, which stood in the garage for 21 years without traffic.

An unusual red car was bought as a birthday present for a resident of the prestigious London area Knightsbridge. After a while after receiving the presentation, the woman lost her car keys, considered it a sign, and decided to never again drive on this Mercedes. As a result, the car was idle for 21 years, thanks to which the car remained in perfect condition.

At the time of putting in the garage Mercedes-Benz SL500 passed 75 miles (about 120 km). Since then, the mileage of the car has grown to 80 miles (130 km). Who exactly and when was driving a car is unknown. Apparently, already in our days for “Mercedes” a new set of keys was made to drive him out of the garage and make presentation shots. At least, the current owners of the roadster promise that the buyer will get a car with new keys.

Under the hood of the Mercedes-Benz SL500 is a 5.0-liter 322-horsepower engine, paired with a five-speed automatic transmission 5G-TRONIC. Time of dispersal of the car from a place to 100 km / h – about 6 seconds, the maximum speed – 260 km / h.

The equipment of the unique “Mercedes” can be called quite good. For example, the interior of the car is decorated with a special beige leather, the car is equipped with a rich list of options, for example, electrically adjustable seats and heating, audio system with a CD changer for 6 discs, steering wheel with wood inserts, adaptive shock absorbers, electrically adjustable mirrors, and various other ” Chips. ”

An amazing find: “Tavria” in the kit “Lux” with a mileage of only 905 km!

In addition to the Mercedes-Benz SL500, the buyer will receive original brochures on the car, as well as the receipt of the personal butler of the first owner of the car, in which he confirms the truthfulness of the story told about the lost keys and the record low mileage of the car. By the way, still the car has a coupon about passing the inspection, which is valid until March 2018.

Trades for the sale of the almost new Mercedes-Benz SL500 will be held in the UK at the auction Spring Classics 2017. The organizers of the event expect that the unique car will go under the hammer for the amount of 45,000 – 55,000 pounds sterling (about 55,800 – 68,190 dollars).

Let’s add that this is not the only unique “Mercedes” from the 90s that has survived to the present day. Earlier it was reported about the Mercedes-Benz W140 from Kiev, which was preserved in perfect condition.