Mercedes made from the versatile E-Class crossover alternative

Mercedes-Benz has unveiled the new E-Class Estate All-Terrain – all-terrain version of the station wagon. Revelations on the part of the design did not happen – all the tricks to build a model of a conventional crossover known: bumpers with imitation protection, plastic kit of unpainted plastic, increased ground clearance. Nevertheless, Mercedes would not be a Mercedes if it had not approached the case thoroughly, and set VW Passat Alltrack, Audi A6 Allroad and Volvo V90 Cross Country worthy competitor. And it is, of course, the presence of all-wheel drive.

The standard E-ClassAll-Terrain 4×4 is equipped with a brand – 4Matic – and multi-chamber air suspension Air Body Control, which became possible thanks to the implementation of the system of choice of one of five driving modes. By the way, borrowed from the GLE system.

Clearance wagon varies from 121 to 156 mm depending on the selected settings. Perhaps this is some error in the data provided by the manufacturer, but as long as these values ​​are not very convincing for a car of this segment. It stated that the new version is 29 mm above the normal E-Class Estate.

Thanks to an air suspension system and the choice of driving modes clearance E-Class All Terrain values ​​change: for example, in the All Terrain mode at speeds up to 35 km / h the height of the body above the ground may be increased by 20 mm. Maximum car can be raised by 35 mm.

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