Mercedes-Benz presented a cross-coupe Generation EQ

Generation EQ concept is created on a new platform designed specifically for electric vehicles. It is scalable and suitable for the model of all types and purposes, that is, in the world there is a tendency to create a modular vehicle, when the user himself is able to select a battery with the necessary reserve of energy for its needs, but if you want electric car can be upgraded with additional modules to increase the mileage on a single charge .

The main distinctive design element – monolithic grille and head optics. It turns out that drawing the main part of the "front end" up LEDs. In a similar style made panel with rear lights.

Inside, Mercedes-Benz Generation EQ four individual seats and almost no physical controls – all touch. multimedia devices and Panel can be customized, however, is not new – widgets support and systems of production cars. Interesting displays on the sides of the dashboard – which displays an image on a miniature camera, which will replace the rear-view mirror.

In the list of assistants all the most advanced technologies, including highly detailed maps navigation and intelligent driver assistance system that tells you how to better drive the route to spend wasted no charge, and, say, get on the saved "fuel" to local attractions or kakoy-nibud refueling.

Generation EQ is equipped with two electric motors on the front and rear axles. Their combined power can reach 300 kW (408 hp) and maximum torque reaches 700 Nm. Up to 100 km / h electric cross-coupe accelerates in less than 5 seconds and power reserve is enough for 500 kilometers without recharging.

To charge the battery without the crossover wire (inductive method), you need to "run over" on a special device

Charge elektrokrossover can be wall-mounted using the "volboksa" or induction device. Currently, the power charging stations range from 50 to 150 kW, but, as noted in the company, realization of 300-kW module in the future, which will allow five minutes to replenish the battery to travel a hundred kilometers.

In the future, two letters EQ will be called a separate sub-brand, which will be produced under the electric cars Mercedes.

Recall, today at the Paris Motor Show of Mercedes and AMG announced development of a new hypercar, the silhouette of which was shown in the sketch. It is expected that the total power of a gasoline engine and a pair of electric motors exceed 1000 hp

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