“Major” flew over the Moscow Ring Road at a speed of 320 km / h

The Internet is gaining popularity video with an unknown driver, which exceeded the permissible speed of 200 km / h on the highway in Moscow.

Strekreysersha Mara Baghdasaryan will ask protection from Putin

The recording was published in Instagram by the user majorka_63 , in connection with which the media suggested that the girl is behind the wheel, and dubbed her “the new Mara Baghdasaryan”. However, the hands that fall into the frame, most likely, belong to a man. Also on the record speedometer hit, the speed of the car at a certain point reaches a mark of 320 km / h, as well as hours – the video was made at 2 am.

Let’s remind, for excess of speed more than on 80 km / h to the driver the penalty at a rate of 5 thousand rubles threatens or deprivation of the rights for half a year.

Journalists remembered about scandalously known street athlete Mara Baghdasaryan because of her passion for fast driving and sports car Mercedes-Benz. As reported by “Avtomambler”, the driver’s license Baghdasaryan was annulled by a court decision – according to medical documents, she suffers from epileptic seizures.

“At present, the police are studying a video posted on the Internet, where the driver of the car allegedly violates the rules of the road,” the source in the traffic police quotes Gazeta.ru. It is reported that verification of this fact has not yet begun.