Londoners spend in traffic jams 101 hours per year, Americans are not far behind

The growth of the size and number of cities, population growth, increased employment, reduction in fuel prices – all this leads to an increase in the number of drivers on the roads. This, in turn, is the cause of the congestion of city roads – drivers spending more time on idle in traffic jams.

Morning traffic jam

Cities where drivers spend the most time in traffic per year

European cities / countries, hours in traffic jams American cities / states, hours in traffic jams
London, Great Britain 101 Los Angeles, CA 81
Stuttgart, Germany 73 Washington 75
Antwerp, Belgium 71 San – Francisco, CA 75
Cologne, Germany 71 Houston, Texas 74
Brussels, Belgium 70 Synecdoche, New York 73
Moscow, Russia 57 Seattle, Washington 66
Karlsruhe, Germany 54 Boston, Massachusetts 64
Munich, Germany 53 Chicago, Illinois 60
Utrecht, Netherlands 53 Atlanta, Georgia 59
Milan, Italy 52 Honolulu, Hawaii 49

In total, the Americans stood in traffic jams 8 billion hours in the past year. On average, every citizen of the United States for a year spends 50 hours in traffic jams – this is the highest rate in the world. Russia is not included in the top 10 countries with the most congested roads, but Moscow hit the Top 5 in Europe – Muscovites are in a traffic jam for about 57 hours per year.

Tube in China

INRIX said that with time the situation with congestion in major cities in the US and around the world will become even worse. By 2050, the United States will be 70 million road drivers, the number of trucks increased by 65% ​​over the same period, the agency predicts. Against this background, the United States launched a national competition for the most innovative plan for restructuring the city's infrastructure, the purpose of which – to speed up the movement of the roads. City, who will win, will receive from the federal budget of $ 40 million for the implementation of their ideas.

Earlier, the experts noted that Muscovites began to spend less time in traffic jams due to the state program of development of transport system of Moscow. In addition, the State Duma Committee on Transport supported the introduction of paid entry into the center of Moscow.

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