Limousines project “Cortege” will paint in the bathroom for buses

The media learned about the participation of LiAZ in the project to create Russian cars for the top officials of the state.

It turned out that the pre-frame preparation of the body will be carried out at the capacities of the Moscow-based enterprise LiAZ. Deputy Director General of NAMI for working with the media in a conversation with “Avtomambler” did not confirm this information, but did not deny it either.

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Meanwhile, it became known that only in the factory for the production of buses there is a sufficient size bathroom for pre-painting work. As reported by, the technology has already been worked out on several bodies of vehicles “Cortege” in the test mode.

Recall, according to plans, the first 12 limousines will be collected before the end of 2017, and in 2018, the sale will be sedans and SUVs. They will appear under the brand Aurus – in the title a combination of the words aurum – “gold” and Russia – Russia is played out.