Lexus is going to present a prototype of the revolutionary kinetic seat

The world premiere of the kinetic seat of the revolutionary prototype Lexus will be held in Paris in autumn 2016. The basis construction is the network structure which is formed by multiple fibers. The creators have tried to recreate the automotive seat movements, similar to those that allow the human spine.

For experts in the development of this seat cushion and provided some degree of mobility, which depends on the weight and the sitting external loads. As the representatives of the Lexus, due to this, even when an ordinary landing in the chair head offset fluctuations caused by the movement of the car – it allows you to maintain a stable field of view. This will help reduce fatigue of people in the cabin, to raise the level of comfort on the move and ease of driving.

"The overarching power structure back layers are structured web, threads which diverge radially from the center of the back seat, – told in the company. – The network is flexible enough to adapt as much as possible to the shape of the body and distribute the load so that over long periods of comfortable landing "was provided by time.

It is reported that the whole structure of the seat can be made thinner, it contributes to reduce the overall vehicle weight. Fibers used are made of environmentally friendly materials based on synthetic spider silk, which came to replace the materials produced during refining.

Earlier portal «autoND» It was also reported that in the framework of the Paris Motor Show 2016 Lexus will show three new items. The main premiere of the Japanese premium brand promises to be a prototype of a compact crossover UX Concept. Also on the stand must be submitted flagship coupe and crossover LC NX Sport Edition.

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