Lamborghini in Tokyo, said the 30th anniversary of the use of carbon fiber

Supercar Lamborghini Countach Quattrovalvole 30 years ago became the first car of the Italian brand, who used carbon fiber. The company says that the amount of carbon in each succeeding model has increased.

The company decided to celebrate the advances in technology reduce the car weight by organizing a special event "Excellence in carbon fiber" in the Tokyo art gallery Meiji Memorial.

Japan was chosen as the venue for the event is not accidental. Previously, between Lamborghini and Mitsubishi Rayon Company signed a memorandum on the development of innovative technologies in the field of carbon fiber. The companies intend to create a method for automating large-scale production of carbon fiber reinforced plastic. In addition, Japan is a key source of raw materials, which is part of the material.

Earlier this year, Lamborghini has taken another important step in this direction by opening a research platform Advanced Composite Structures Laboratory in Seattle, Washington, USA. Prior to this, Italians in partnership with Boeing began work to simplify the formation of structural parts of carbon fiber.

The next target is to provide the manufacturer of supercars carboxylic engine parts for production cars. As a result, the component can be obtained, which is lighter and stronger than metal counterpart, which will equip future models more resourceful and more powerful engines.

Lamborghini The latest example of the ability to transform carbon into fine form became limited supercar Centenario, recently received an open version. Its construction is widely used ultralight material including a body and chassis. Perhaps in the near future, even the standard version of the supercar brand will be almost entirely made of carbon fiber.

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