Japanese “time capsule” found in the US

On the electronic auction eBay exhibited a virtually new sports car Nissan 300 ZX coupe.

It seems that there are no such machines, but they still seem to emerge from the past. Zadnevprivodny sporcar preserved really in perfect condition. Like yesterday he was bought from the dealer. The run of the red coupe does not exceed five thousand miles. And it’s amazing, because the 300 ZX coupe was released in 1990! In the salon as if plunged into the automotive world of the 90’s: instead of a multimedia system – an authentic cassette tape from Bose. The armchairs are trimmed with leather, and the armrest between them is made of cloth “matting”.

So what is remarkable about this sport car from the early 90’s? By modern standards, his abilities do not strike the imagination at all. But at one time many fans of aggressive driving dreamed of such a car. Three-liter motor gives out 286 horses. The box is a five-speed mechanic. Acceleration to a hundred takes six seconds, the maximum speed is 250 km per hour. Little? Now, of course. But even a mad street trickster kill these units is not easy – they are so reliable. But the appetite of the car is very frantic – an average of 20 liters per hundred.

And, finally, the most important thing: almost a new sports car from the past can be purchased for a very reasonable amount – from 16,000 to 20,000 dollars.