Japanese drivers have an incentive not to use the phone while driving

The new initiative kicks off September 20 in Aichi Prefecture. It is there for the past thirteen years, registered the highest rate of deaths on the roads in Japan, last year alone there was 44 369 road accidents with personal injury, including death.

According to opinion polls about 60% of Japanese drivers use their smart phones while driving, and about half of them hold only one hand on the steering wheel. Now the Japanese have an incentive to focus on driving. Mobile application uses a gyroscope smartphone to feel the slope of the body, as well as a GPS navigator to determine the distance that the driver drove with the phone, lying face down.

Already after the first few hundred kilometers without using the phone's drivers will receive a free "coffee coupon" and will earn the right to invigorating drink every subsequent 200 kilometers. Any change in the position of the machine, even while stopped at a traffic light, leads to the resetting of the counter. The initiators of the action hope it will contribute to the prevention of road accidents.

Recall that the federal survey conducted by "autoND", showed that the majority of Russian motorists aware of the danger of mobile phone use while driving. Total 13.65% constantly talking on the phone, and more than 9% even manage to exchange messages while driving.

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